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About Us

We started Good Ground with a simple vision - of holistic health and wellness coaching being accessible to all.

Because it should be.

We believe everyone deserves to live a life of happiness. One based on the foundation of health and the empowerment that comes with feeling your best.

From nutrition and exercise, to yoga, breathwork, and meditation, we provide you with holistic nourishment for your mind, body, and soul; lasting wellness that fulfills and inspires you to start living the authentic, satisfying life you deserve.

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About me

Hi, Cat here. Founder and visionary of Good Ground.

Good Ground came to fruition to make a change to the women's wellness space. This space is saturated with booty transformations, flatter tummies, and shifting curves. But for many these are only skin-deep. Because how and why these things happen is as much, if not more important than that they do.

I believe that true wellness starts from the inside out. From a place of discovery and growth, where you unlock your abundant potential and feel empowered to reach it with confidence.

It is my dream that each women who has her life changed by Good Ground becomes an inspiration to others - of a Wellness measured not just by the physical but by the fulfillment and enrichment of the lives around you.

I am deeply honoured to have you here.

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