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Interval training has become quite the fad in recent years and we can see why. The concept of getting more bang for your buck during a workout can be quite appealing - going hard then going home in 30 minutes YES

For those of you who are visiting the concept of interval training for the first time we will break it down for you. This popular type of training includes short bursts of high intensity movement interspersed with lower intensity movement or rest, each high intensity burst is performed ≥ 100% of your maximal aerobic speed and has been proven to be a more effective method of building aerobic power than long, slow distance training. Simply put, you get fitter, faster. In this day and age when time is of the essence we could do with a fast lane every now and then. FULL DISCLOSURE- do not be fooled into thinking this is the easy way out, you will be putting in some hard work but what you can expect is results!

If this sounds like a bit of you then we are here to help you take control of your health and fitness. Simply perform the test, enter in your data and we will do all the calculations for you, pumping out your exact intervals to improve your fitness levels.


MAS training is a scientific method of getting results, with science backed training comes a small test to make sure you are training at accurate intervals to suit your personal fitness level, without doing the groundwork you could be training at a higher or lower intensity than necessary meaning you’re putting in work without getting all the gains. Simply head off for a 650m run on levelled ground and time how long it takes for you to complete the run. If you don’t have enough space you can set up cones 50m apart and run back and forth between them 8 times. Once you have completed the test pop your time(s) in the first calculator and we will pump out your max aerobic speed (MAS).

Step 1

Based on this time, your MAS Number is

From here you will choose your intensity + time, and the calculator will produce the distance(m) for you to run each set.

Step 2

Distance (m)

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There is a link to a 12 week MAS program, scientifically designed to accelerate your fitness level by training your heart through both eccentric and concentric contractions. With each session the heart will be placed under stress (don’t worry this is the good kind of stress), from this your heart will begin to adapt to the stress by becoming stronger and more capable of performing under this pressure. The programme includes both aerobic and anaerobic training, causing different adaptations to the heart as your body adapts to the stresses imposed and you will begin to notice an increase in your fitness levels.

There is also a link to the audio files that you are able to download onto your device and use to time your intervals.

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