Beyond Burnout

A 6 month journey led by Catherine and Kayla for those wanting to break the stress cycle.

We hit the proverbial wall and it felt like a ton of bricks.

Completely drained of energy





Out of control

If you are finding similarities then answer this, be honest with yourself.

Are you people pleasing your way through life?

Do you feel like life has taken the reins and you’ve lost your purpose?

Do you find yourself daydreaming of living someone else's life? One that is easier, less stressful.

Because so did we.

We were always high achievers, driven and motivated, which are all amazing traits until they become the only part of you that exists, an obsession.

From over-training, to under-eating, from working too much, to never finding time to play we found ourselves equating our self worth to how much we were doing and producing. How much we could get done in one day. That completed to-do list dopamine high being about the only source of fuel keeping us rolling.

We were caught up in the external world, searching for validation and acceptance from everyone but ourselves. Playing the fools game of life.

And bam. 

We hit that proverbial wall and had no choice but to make some changes. To pause and reflect. To lean on and bounce off each other and find our way beyond burnout.

And we want this for you.

You can move from exhaustion to energized.

You can move from burnout to balance.

You can break the stress cycle and find freedom again.

After years and YEARS of trial and error we have moved beyond burnout and have come together to share our learnings, tools, and experiences.

Join us on a 6 month transformative journey to empowerment, freedom, balance, and find your fun again.

Because life is not as serious as we make it out to be.

Life is made for living.

What you get:
Each month for 6 months
1x masterclass (live)
1 x Embodiment practice
1x Q+A (live)
A resources library
A booklet
Group platform for others on the same journey as you.


-Empowerment and self-worth
-When the body whispers - mind body connection
-Flexing the NO muscle - Boundaries + managing energy
-Mirror me - Meeting your ego, conditioning + deep dish
-Cleaning out the closet - Clearing, recoding + making SPACE
-Let's get QUANTUM - Manifestation, authentic self + alignment

What happens now?
For those using first steps funding book a call below to discuss this offering. If you are ready to jump in, fill out the message us form.

From here we will create a personalised dashboard for you to access your complimentary guided meditation and resource booklet.

Looking forward to watching you shift BEYOND BURNOUT.

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